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The Verbatim Under Sink Filtration System puts crisp, clear, filtered water at your fingertips via an attractive designated faucet – all filtration is concealed under your sink. All Verbatim water filtration products feature unique hollow-fiber membrane technology. Developed by Mitsubishi Rayon, the hollow-fiber membrane works in combination with activated carbon, carbon fiber and ion exchange to reduce contaminants, including a 99.99% reduction of cysts and a greater than 99% reduction of turbidity*, while allowing beneficial minerals to remain in your water. The activated carbon, carbon fiber and ion exchange reduce the odor and taste of chlorine, so you get crisp, refreshing, great-tasting water. NSF Certified and BPA-Free, the Verbatim Under Sink Filtration System features a compact, space-saving filter design – freeing up valuable storage space under your sink. Our long-lasting filter has an over 2,100 gallon capacity – that’s approximately one year of use from a single filter!** The high-quality hoses feature an interior antimicrobial polyethylene film to prevent back contamination and ensure water quality over the lifetime of the system. Locking, quick-release connections prevent leaks and make filter changes a breeze. And unlike competitive under sink filters, the design of the Verbatim Under Sink Filtration System ensures that the filter is not under pressure when not in use – no need to worry about the filter bursting or leaking from strain. The Verbatim Under Sink Filtration System is backed by a Verbatim 2-Year Limited Warranty.†* According to NSF 53 Testing** Whichever comes first. Filter life may vary based on usage and local water quality.† Does not apply to filter. Filter features a 30-Day Limited Warranty


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