KAITEKI Philosophy

Traditionally meaning “comfort” or “ease” in Japanese, “KAITEKI” is our guiding philosophy, representing a global quality of life we aim to achieve with sustainable technologies.
Sustainability, Health and Comfort are the key elements of the KAITEKI concept: Verbatim's LED solutions help to achieve all three.
LEDs provide the ultimate in sustainable technology, offering benefits in energy use, recyclability, and design practices. They are also mercury-free and last longer, meaning less frequent replacement and reduced waste.


Sustainability is becoming more important to consumers' purchasing decisions every day and LED lamps are a great option for several reasons. LED lighting has very low energy consumption, requiring significantly less energy than compact florescent (CFL) and incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also have a much longer life than CFL and incandescent lights. This means less frequent replacement, which creates less waste. Finally, LEDs also contain no mercury, so they can be recycled.


Lighting is a key element of good health and LED lighting can make a significant contribution. Color temperature also plays an important role in circadian rhythms. In nature, the temperature of light changes throughout the day – going from 3000K (warm white) in the early morning, 5000K – 10000K (cool white) in midday and cycling back to 3000K in the evening. The body is accustomed to this color variation, reacting with varying levels of energy for that time of day. The ability to influence moods throughout the day with lighting is a key element in establishing a comfortable lifestyle and maintaining synergy with our natural circadian rhythms.


Comfort is also another large part of the KAITEKI concept. Light plays an enormous role in our daily lives—it influences emotions by creating a mood. Verbatim’s Violet Chip LED lighting creates a wide variety of comfortable atmospheres—from warm and inviting when it is cold and raining outside to cool and pleasant on a hot summer’s day. Whether in the home, at work, or even in a store, lighting influences our choice of activities, productivity and purchasing habits. With a range of products available in different color temperatures, one can create the perfect visual atmosphere.