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Lamp Type Part No Model Color Temp Lumen Output Wattage Beam Angle Dim Design Life Energy Star Voltage Base
High CRI PAR56 3000K, 3600lm, 25-degree beam angle 70196 P56-W40-C30-B25 3000K 3600lm 40W 25 Yes 50,000 Hours - 120V GX16d
High CRI PAR56, 3000lm, 25-degree beam angle, Warm-Dimming 70267 P56-W40-C30-B25-WD 1800-3000K 3000lm 40W 25 Yes 50,000 Hours - 120V GX16d
High Output (HO), High CRI PAR56 3000K, 5000lm, 25-degree beam angle 70642 PAR56 P56-W55-C30-B25-HO 3000K 5200lm 55W 25 Yes 50000 Hours - 120V GX16d