Dimmer Compatibility Tool

Verbatim offer a wide range of dimmable LED lamps that work with a number of popular brands of dimmers and transformers. Use the tool below to select a compatible dimmer for your lamp, or alternatively find a compatible Verbatim lamp to match your existing dimmer or transformer.

Select your bulb to find compatible dimmers

Select your dimmer to find compatible Verbatim lamps

Note: Most forward-phase dimmers have a minimum load requirement of 40-60 watts. As most LED lamps fall well below this threshold, flickering may occur when LED lamps are used with forward-phase dimmers. For example, a single 20W LED lamp used with a 600W dimmer may flicker due to the minimum load requirement not being met.

10-100% dimming may be achieved when LED lamps are used with dimmers, depending on the quantity of LED lamps dimming circuit. Most available dimmers were designed around older technology; therefore, performance can vary when these dimmers are used with LED lamps. Please refer to your dimmer manufacturers instructions for more information on using dimmers with LED lamps. A good rule of thumb is to limit the LED lamp load to 25% of the rated dimmer load (for example, 75W LED load on a 300W rated dimmer).